Bunga Boy- 7

So Choppa marries Ms Pimper thinking she is madly in love with him and has absolutely no intention of changing his previous behaviours.

Ms Pimper thinks Choppa will appreciate her ‘adoption’ and do nothing to jeopardise it.

Choppa rolls around in his wife’s money, car, home, etc. doing very little, for he doesn’t have to;  he is her ‘pet’.

His wife tries to elevate him, fails, but continues the relationship until she learns of his betrayals.

She tosses him out.  

Choppa is shocked, unable to believe she could do this, and having made no alternate plans, finds himself in a worse position than he was when he married her.

Ms Pimper cries a bit at her stupidity, then goes on with her life, deleting his chapter.


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Written by jaylar

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