Bunga Boy – 2

Women who have reached their forties/fifties, alone, not able or willing to find a peer, may  ‘buy’ a companion.  

The wiser ones will deal with sporadic visits to Caribbean beaches and get the ‘partner’ for the length of their stay.  

Getting a respectful, decent young man to fill their beds, be their escort, until their departure, is sufficient.  A few might have the fantasy of getting this younger man, permanently. But those who are realists, know, In most cases, it doesn’t work.

The Beach Boy may not be willing to sacrifice his youth, even for money or  a VISA. He may hold out for a younger, prettier version.    Some might succumb and stay with their benefactor until they get citizenship of a 1st world country.

Beach Boys and Rentadreads know they are male prostitutes.  They know how to play, deceive, but don’t deceive themselves.  

Bunga Boys do.   They do not grasp reality;  if one is with another person other than actually wanting to be with that other person,  there is an inability to keep up the charade..


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Written by jaylar

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