Bunga Boy – 17

An older woman selects a Bunga Boy because he is beneath them.  He is no equal.   She has probably once married an ‘equal’ who made her miserable so makes her selections from the pit.  

He is often uneducated, unambitious, not particularly bright.  He is the easiest to play.

He doesn’t ask questions, he doesn’t wonder why she came here with all her money and is with him.

His grasp of reality is limited.   Anyone with a fully operational brain would question why this woman would want him.

Bunga Boys, with their inflated sense of self, thinking they are so attractive and desirable, happy to take what she can give, don’t ask.

Some become so dependent on their ‘owners’ they will overlook her faults, and in many cases, her unfaithfulness, because living free is worth everything to them.


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Written by jaylar

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