Bunga Boy – 14

In some cases, the foreign woman marries the Rentadread to become ‘Mrs.’   She needs to change her life, and get a ‘name’ for any child she might bear for whomever.

There is a huge difference in the treatment Doris Openleg gets when she enters the hospital to have a baby, and Mrs. Rentadread, who is seen as an abandoned wife.

The Renta, who has married his benefactor, believes his VISA is on the horizon.  He waits for her to ‘send for him.’  He continues his life.   He probably has girlfriends, baby mothers, and  is just marking time until he gets that ticket.

The Ticket never comes.  His ‘wife’ never tries to get him a VISA.   She never contacts him, and whatever address or phone number he has for her, is no longer in effect.

He used her for his pocket, and she used him for his name.


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Written by jaylar

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