Bunga Boy – 11

Harriet married Chip.   He’d given her some sob story and she felt like Mother Theresa.   Having married him, having placed him in her flat, she taught him to drive her car.

Chip took.

He was going at taking.  Good at using.  Chip  had a lot of sexual exploits after marriage because when gals saw him  in that fancy car they assumed he was all that.

It didn’t take that long for him to get a gal pregnant.  When Chip wouldn’t give her money, she phoned his wife, demanding money.

Harriet was stunned.

She never thought Chip was unfaithful.  Not for one second did she think that he was using her.

Until that phone call.

The fortunate part was that at this moment in time, Harriet was renting a flat. She called the owner, cancelled the lease, and moved out, leaving Chip with bills he couldn’t pay, and obligations he couldn’t meet.

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Written by jaylar

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