Brain Squish – 7

There was a ‘law of nature’ called ‘Survival of the Fittest’ which was kind of a natural eugenics.

Over time, humans developed all sorts of methods to insure that those ‘unfit’ would also survive.

Fortunately, in came the Cyber Age where the unfit can truncate their existence.

Here’s a kid.  Should be playing some active game, running up and down.  Or reading a book. Or doing something; something beneficial.

He is engrossed by his Smartphone where he is playing some mindless game that so captures his brain he falls into an open trench.

Here’s a gal babbling on her phone while a pickpocket takes her purse from her bag so that when she reaches wherever she will have no money, no credit cards, and years may be shaved from her life.

Many humans are controlled by their devices.   It is not the human who is operating the computer, it is the computer which is operating the person.

So the moron falls off the bridge while taking a selfie,  another one, driving, has to answer the cell phone so crashes.

As people have less sex so they can spend more time in Cyber Space, the population should decrease.  


What do you think?


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