Brain Squish – 3

Every so often, those at the top,with money to earn, will push some crap on the population.   They get on with this for as long as they can bribe, pay off and confuse.

Then comes the day when their product is proven to be rubbish.   Maybe dangerous.

Years ago, babies were rubbed with natural oil and powdered with corn starch.

Then mineral oil was pushed as ‘baby oil’ and poisonous talcum powder as ‘baby powder’.

Everyone who didn’t have a brain for themselves or was easily led, switched from natural oil; coconut, olive, to mineral oil, which is poisonous.  

Everyone tossed away the edible cornstarch for the poisonous and cancer causing talc.

This went on for generations; until the law suits.

Has the oil or powder been taken from the market?

Of course not.  It is still being sold.

What do you think?

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