Both Sides Now – Jack – 5

Jack remembered that evening at the Hang Out, sitting with Paula and another girl.  He remembered seeing that blonde  just as the movie portrayed.  He remembered  claiming he wanted a refill and going to the counter.

The conversation ‘he’  (that is his depiction in the movie) had with the woman was invented, but the fact was that he had come back to the table, told Paula he wanted to leave.

He wanted to drop Paula off and meet the blonde at a bar, so moved quickly.  He had  turned the radio up  so that there could be no conversation.  

 As they reached her home,  the dark haired girl, Paula in real live but called ‘Sylvie’, in the movie, opened the car door, began to slide out, smiled over her shoulder, and left him.

That was exactly as it had happened.

The rest of the movie concerned a cousin of Sylvie/Paula who had been involved in an accident.

‘He’, his character never appeared again in that movie.


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