Both Sides Now – Jack – 4

Jack recalled having seen a movie a couple of years ago.    There was a scene in it….

It took him ten minutes to recall the name of the movie, then he jumped on the Internet to look it up, find a site for viewing.

He began to watch it.

The movie opened with  a scene at one of those Hang outs, very much like the place he hung when he was in college.

There was a girl, dark haired,  and a guy who looked a bit like him at a table with another girl who was doing the talking.

The guy who looked a bit like him was eyeing at a blonde sitting at the counter.   The dress the blonde wore was so tight it was X rated.

The blonde was looking at the guy who was looking at her, while the two girls at the table talked.  Then, the blonde, looking at the guy who resembled him,  opened her legs a bit.

The guy got up said something about ‘refill’ leaving the women.  He went to the blonde.

And that’s when Jack remembered.


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Written by jaylar

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