Better Unsaid – 5

Mae and Max flew overseas and  grabbed a few days honeymoon before he went back to work.  She took a job just to give her something to do.

Mae didn’t like being overseas, but never said a word.  She never spoke of home, of friends.   She made some calls from her work place to Lela to keep it private.

After two years abroad Max and Mae returned home.

Although during the first week of the marriage  Mae pondered if she shouldn’t say something to Max about her fling with Devon, but kept hitting a big WHY?

They were a thousand miles from where she had been.  There was no possibility of encounters, of gossip, of any blow back.

Why say anything?

By the second week, Mae never thought of Devon.   She thought only of here and now.  Devon disappeared from her thoughts as she had no reason to think of him, of then.

Not having told Max before she married him obliterated the big confession ‘episode’.

And life moved forward.


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Written by jaylar

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