Barry's Diaries – 86

Barry’s mother took him  to what was considered a ‘cool’ shop and stood back.  She knew that he was like a baby bird, coming out of a shell.  He had to peck himself out.  Had to do what he had to do, himself.

He found a kind of clever black jacket which when buttoned was a serious double breasted suit top.   Open, it was just a cool toss over.  

For a shirt she thought that a turtle neck might be smarter than a button down.

Barry tired on a few and the grey one seemed the wisest.  

For shoes, a black boot would be perfect.  

He had other turtlenecks at home and black boots, but so what? This was his first real date; New Year’s Eve.  A kiss date.  Let him look G.Q.


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Written by jaylar

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