Barry's Diaries – 81

Madison entered the coffee shop, her eyes scanned and pinned, and she came to him. They tossed easy remarks Barry had categorised on his ride over.

Everything was easy, no pressure no silences, it was as if they’d known each other forever when they’d just met.

The day passed too quickly, and that evening at home, he wrote in his journal;

“Maybe the term soul mate is over used, but seems on point.   Conversation flowed as a river, the topics flew as birds, and I felt that I could sit with her forever.”

Barry paused and looked out the window.  Then returned to his writing;

“My school is playing her’s in basketball in  the last game of this series.  She said she wouldn’t root for her team.”

“No pressure, right?”

“I’m going to practice extra hard and play better than ever.  Even if we lose I want to be the stand out.”


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Written by jaylar

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