Barry's Diaries – 61

The days of September passed into October, and there was Halloween.   Barry stayed home as did his folks although they’d been invited to something at work.  

So had Barry.   But Barry stayed home because he did not want to be in contact with the Crowd, which had invited him to their party.  Barry stayed home, lying about a previous invitation.

October moved into November and his family had a small Thanksgiving  at home, although there was something at work for them.

The week before Christmas break Barry’s folks were invited, as was the entire staff, to a Family Festival.

Apparently, every year, about this time, the company his folks worked with had this family party where everyone ‘had’ to attend with their family.  

Barry was happy to go, to go anywhere that was not linked to his school, The Crowd, and that entire segment of the population.

He’d been popping into the Diner now and then, just so no one would say anything, and been playing amused when the girls would try to seduce him.

How deep the seduction, he didn’t know, didn’t find out, he just claimed to have a girl friend and got out.

His abilities to lie and deceive shocked him.  


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