Barry's Diaries – 59

As Barry entered the house he focused on how he had re-catalogued the Diner.  He examined how he’d gone from shock and repulsion to soft contempt.

He examined the concept as he  heated  dinner.  When his folks arrived it would be eat, change and go.

The first time he had entered the Diner he’d felt like screaming and running.  He’d never viewed porn, not even soft porn, never been among people like those of the “Crowd”.

When he had fled like a frightened baby, if it wasn’t for the Basketball game, giving him an excuse to flee, he’d be the laughing stock of the school.

When he had handed the ticket stub to one of the obnoxious Crowd members, his status shot through the roof.

He hadn’t run because he was freaked out, he ran because he had a game to see.

He felt so blessed.


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Written by jaylar

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