Back Rider – 6 – end

There, on the bus are little girls who, if they work really hard at school, will get no where.

There, riding away in a brand new BMW is  Keisha who began her journey early.  

Whether Keisha was a slam of a singer, a businessman, a politician, she had a car, and no doubt lived rent free and had more money to spend in one day than she might in a week.

Keisha might not know where France was, or be able to do long division, but Keisha was successful.

Mrs. Pearson hoped the girls who saw Keisha would think she bought the car from insurance money, and the accident damaged her brain so that she was not someone to emulate.

Tears burnt the corners of Mrs. Pearson’s eyes when she felt sorry that her life was so hard and she could have made it easier if instead of living life on her feet she had on her back.



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Written by jaylar

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