Back Rider – 2

Keisha had been the slowest child Mrs. Pearson had ever encountered.  In 6th form Keisha read at 3rd form level, did Math on the level of a 2nd former.  

The staff had a meeting. They didn’t want to make Keisha repeat the year, because she was a bad influence.  Although only twelve she seemed to be sexually active.

No one was going to say it in so many words.   It was simply  decided to alter her grades, have her  pass her subjects so she could be sent to a low level middle school and become someone else’s problem.

The attitude and opinion the staff held  of Keisha was confirmed on graduation day.

Keisha wore a dress which was scandalous.  It was almost abominable that a twelve year old would appear at her graduation from Primary school garbed  like that, and wearing make up.

 Keisha had turned out exactly as expected.


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