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When you know that you are aware, you have conquered the darkness.  When you solve a word puzzle, once you see a word in that maze, you can’t un-see it again.  Once your awareness is triggered, you have advanced to the next step.

You have attained higher consciousness.  Knowing that you are now aware, is that essence of attaining higher consciousness.  Like GI Joe said:  Knowing is half the battle.

If you once felt lost before, like the streets had no name, you will now be so aware, that you will realize that your intuition is getting stronger and stronger.

You know who lies to you.  You know who was trying to stand you up.  You know who speaks negatively of you.  You know who is projecting their issues onto you.  You will be able to name all of those streets, even before you reach the main signal.

You will know who is worth your time.  You will know who is worth loving.  And when you meet that special person, you will know it, because suddenly he/she will give you what no one else has given you.  They will let you be yourself.  You will be so comfortable around them, as you realize that their mere presence puts you at ease.  You will feel that they are there for you, only you.

You will realize that you have truly been all alone this whole time.  When you meet that special person, you will realize how much you needed, and for so long, you had gone without.  This new realization is what will make you feel that you have found your twin flame.

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Written by Maria Ayala

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