At The End – 8

The entrance of the new Wendy, hair done instead of ragged, good suit, instead of old house dress, nails done, entered Elsa’s room behind Phil and his new wife.

Elsa looked at her ex-husband, at his wife, but stared at Wendy.  Elsa wanted to speak to Wendy alone. 

 Phil said, 

“No.  You are not going to bully your sister into taking responsibility for your mess.”

Elsa began to howl and shout about how Ginny wasn’t a mess. She went on and on,  creating a scene. The doctors who pushed in demanded they leave.

This is exactly what Phil wanted.  However, Wendy wanted to stay.   The doctor repeated that she and Phil were upsetting his patient and did they wish he call security.

On the way out, Wendy asked about Ginny.  The doctor informed her she was at a particular home.

Phil decided they should visit the home. It was not that he wanted to see Ginny, he didn’t, but he knew that Wendy needed to see her.


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Written by jaylar

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