At the End – 4

Wendy had told,  had lied to Elsa.  She said she’d be gone a week.   She was going to call Elsa, but didn’t.  She was collected at the airport by Phil and his new wife, taken to a lovely flat where she had her own room..  

At the end of the week, Elsa was worried, called Wendy, couldn’t get through.   She kept calling, and finally, three weeks later, Wendy called her.

After apologies and castigation, Elsa demanded Wendy return to her ‘post’.

Wendy said she was abroad.  Elsa demanded she return. Wendy refused.   Elsa was angry, accused her of abandonment and hung up.

Wendy was upset, began to reconsider, but Elsa’s eldest daughter Camille spoke to her.

“Aunt Wendy, when Mom was pregnant with Ginny, we all made it clear.  We were not going to give up our lives to look after Ginny.   Mom didn’t care.  She didn’t care about us, about our happiness, she only wanted to prove some twisted point.  So, she had Ginny and Dad left her.”

Wendy knew this.

“Now you have a choice; give up your life for a child that you didn’t give birth to, who shouldn’t have been born, or live the best life you can.”


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