At the End – 11

As they rode from the airport, Phil spoke.  

“When the diagnosis was made, I told Elsa that she should terminate the pregnancy.”    His voice was soft and controlled.

“Elsa lashed out at me,  much of what she said made no sense to me, for we had three children, mostly grown, and no one had ever accused me of being a bad father or husband.”

Wendy nodded, for she knew Phil and his kids loved him and Elsa had never really complained about him,  beyond not washing a dish or listening to sport.

“It just shocked me, for she’d never spoken like this and what really hit was that she said something like, “I’m making my own choice!  I am having this baby!  And I don’t care what you want.”

Phil’s wife put her hand on his arm.

“I told her that if she felt like this, then I didn’t have to be there and she told me;  “Go!  You don’t ever have to be here!”

Phil paused, and with a puzzled look on his face said;  “I never expected that kind of anger, of lashing out, of….” He shook his head.

That kind of behaviour was supposed to be out of character for Elsa.  But Wendy knew it wasn’t.


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Written by jaylar

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