As Others See You – (Finale)

Lek got another job and, not unexpected, was fired.

He proudly informed me he had applied to a Government agency.   Not one in which he’d be hidden in a back room, one in which he would travel and represent his country.

He gushed about the application, about the courses he would have to take, as if the job belonged to him and was a few months away.

And of course, on Facebook, he published more images of him and Slutina.

He was so clumsy, so tense, and Slutina allowing herself to be slung around as a chunky rag doll.   If Lek wasn’t so arrogant, such a narcissist, one could make the stand.

One could inform him that what he posted didn’t make him look sexy or desirable or significant, it made him look awkward, irresponsible, and an embarrassment to any serious firm.

I wondered if some day he would realise it, perhaps ten years from now, when Slutina had moved on,  and he could blame her for his failures.



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Written by jaylar

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