And Comes the Fourth Generation – 182

The tenant of Room 11 moved out two weeks after receiving the notice.  

No announcement, no argument.  She handed Ann South the keys and went her way.

Ann South was shocked.  

She assumed that Room 11, being part of the ‘congregation’ would be  the last to leave, if she even left, not the first.

Her leaving rattled Ann South, for it seemed to suggest that disaster was coming.

Ann heard that Elvis March decided Miriam House should be sold and had sent a valuator.

She didn’t know that the premises had been given to the Congregation to be used for Charitable purposes.  

Whether the Board would agree to selling, whether it was even legal to sell, would be a question to be answered.  

It was one of the many things Elvis March didn’t know.

Another was that the public knew how to deal with those of the Fourth Generation; they ripped them off  with impunity.  

This is because making their  failings public via a law suit was  more onerous to the Fourth Generation than losing money.


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Written by jaylar

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