And Comes the Fourth Generation – 181

A few days later Elvis March physically attended Miriam House to explain to Odette that she soon would not have a job.

He stood with his arms crossed, speaking in his commanding voice.

Odette held herself in check, and accepted this three months notice, instead of punching him out.

When he left, she thought of many interesting accidents he could get into, then expelled air.

She recalled way back in October when the woman in room 11 mentioned that when the place was half empty the water and electricity would attract lower per unit costs.  

Once it reached a certain level, Miriam House would be too expensive to operate.

It was funny how room 11 predicted this would happen.  

Odette wondered what she was do, as did the tenants.  

There was no sense in even trying to speak to Ann South.  She had loaded her house with live in friends.  Some spent a week, some a weekend.  That the Board was paying for their lodging meant nothing to Ann South.  She would do what she wanted for as long as she was the Matron.  


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