And Comes the Fourth Generation – 180

The tenants, receiving their Notices to Quit, were taken by surprise and shock.  Except Room 11, who expected it.

She felt sorry for Ann South who was made the messenger.  This kind of cowardice was a hallmark of Elvis March, a small man who never was elected President.  

Had Paul Mollusk not been disgraced, had Elvis not been the V.P. at the time,  he would never be entrusted with power.

It was he who demanded every corner be rented because he was too stupid to realise the more tenants the more expensive water and light.    

Now that it was jammed with ‘students’ he had to clear out all 11 rooms, 23 people, plus the teacher.

Having marched to a name brand law firm which charged 1st Class retainers, Elvis March, being no one, was sent to a novice.  

This is standard for prestigious law firms; to temporarily hire a handful of recent graduates, give them the least important clients to see how they do.

Elvis March, in his stupidity hadn’t realised what he was doing by demanding Ann South rent out every inch.   Had he left half of the rooms empty, Miriam House would break even.

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