And Comes the Fourth Generation – 177

On the days when Ann South was physically at Miriam House, if she wasn’t on the phone with her real estate job, or talking with a friend, she would hold a  ‘prayer meetings’.

During those meetings she would not allow the tenants to disturb her.

If the Board knew  these meetings were going on; considering that South was a member of a different church, there might be problems.  But the Board had no idea Ann South was turning the Matron’s house into a mini-church anymore  than they had known that Selma Rashford Grindley was dying.

Ann South treated the tenants as if she were the Matron of a Women’s Prision not a Dorm.  

She would ‘forget’ a complaint, lie about informing the board. Lie about everything.

When Miss Brown was there, things were always taken care of in a timely fashion.

The hall lights were always put on by 7 pm.  

Even when Selma Rashford Grindley lay dying, one of the nurses would put on the lights.


Sometimes it wasn’t until 9 pm or later, depending on if/when Ann South returned.

If they needed anything or had a problem to report, they had to tailor their lives to fit into Ann South’s free moments.   She insured she had few of those.

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