And Comes the Fourth Generation – 168

Miss Brown had advised Mrs. Lopez to move to the large house where she could keep classes indoors, and be quiet about it.  

Although the house was badly designed, the front room was large enough for the school.  

Lopez grabbed up tables and chairs from the verandas of both A and B block and created her classroom in the large house.

The fact other tenants wouldn’t have tables and chairs was a shoulder shrug to Miss Brown.

When she had first come to be Matron, (given the job by the Board Member she was boffing)  she thought it was a great prize.

Then she learned that everything she did had to be cleared by the Board, meaning she had no power.

As she rarely saw anyone from the Board, (her relationship with the particular member had ended due to his marriage) she did what she pleased.

Hence, full well allowing someone to run commercial classes from the premises, and take a little gift, was a way she felt less denigrated.


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