And Comes The Fourth Generation – 163

As the Board members would correspond by letter, reluctant to face anyone, Ann South decided to make all requests, complaints by email.

In this way she didn’t have to see the Board or hear their voices.

Receiving a letter, listing the cleaner’s arrival time and tasks, she presented it to Odette.

Odette was incensed, but kept it to herself.  

As Monday and Friday were still ‘free’ as Ann South wouldn’t let her clean the Matron’s house, she wasn’t going to lose the job.

Ann South  was instructed and held a meeting with the tenants so as to clarify the rules, as the Board demanded.

As she was not responsible nor did she make any of the rules, this had the effect of making her even more distant from the job were she a hundred miles away.

And making the tenants despise her even more, (if that was possible)


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Written by jaylar

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