And Comes the Fourth Generation – 15`

Selma Rashford Grindley, a member of the ‘Congregation’ of the Church which owned Miriam House was able to replace Miss Brown.

Why she needed the job was simple; she was flat out broke.

As the Grand Daughter of the fabulously wealthy Edward Rashford, daughter of the rather stupid David, Selma had entered life as a millionaire.

Due to her father’s inability to manage anything, the fortunes had dipped, and by the time she was in her forties, was having to work to survive.

This did not in any way impact on her belief in her superiority and entitlement.

As she entered her sixties she had lost everything and was living in a rented flat and couldn’t make the rent. A member of the congregation had a vacant house, and let her stay.

However, after a few months, needing money, the Member needed Selma to go.

Getting the job as Matron gave her free housing and utilities and enabled her to end her days in a fantasy world of privilege.

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