And Comes the Fourth Generation – 149

The tenants of Miriam House didn’t like to be talked at.  Although they were rather ugly and undesirable they tended to walk around, in a towel or underwear.   They would, babble loudly on their cell phones, often set on speaker, so as to prove  they weren’t alone.

When they were out of the gates, no matter how skimpy they dressed, they didn’t get much attention.  Knowing they were annoying  the Matron gave them pleasure.

Any attention was good; but now the Board was taking an interest in their lack of clothing.   Ann South, the Matron,  was phrasing it in a rather unsavoury way.

They were becoming angrier.

At the end of the meeting, nothing was going to change.  The gals would remain as rude and uncaring as they were last month.

Ann South did not expect a change, she just made her speech, held her meeting, and could send the Board a ‘report’.

Although it didn’t seem so, the Matron and Tenants of Miriam House were on the same side;  they both found the Board made up of the Fourth Generation, stupid, pretentious,  lazy, and useless.

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