And Comes the Fourth Generation – 145

The tenants always felt the Board couldn’t care less what happened at Miriam House as long as rent was paid. 

Which was true.

When Ann South, the Matron, had backed off, the tenants were almost as free to do what they pleased, as they had during Selma Rashford Grindley’s slow slide to death.

There only problem was smuggling a man into their rooms.   

In one of the usual  mammoth waste of funds as practiced by the Board, such as the electronic gate,  a camera had been placed to focus on the path from the parking area  to the dorm rooms.

As the Spanish students would enter, and pass the camera,  but continue straight ahead, not turn to the left to enter the rooms,  a simple ‘protocol’  was created.  

A man would  enter as if he were a student, move towards the teacher’s house, then sneak around the back to enter through the back door to B Block.

The key to the back door was kept Room 8,  held  by Hepzibah,  as   proof of her great ‘triumph’.     

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