And Comes The Fourth Generation – 130

The tenants of Miriam House resented the rules and lack of maintenance.

They were paying rent but couldn’t ‘legally’ have a man in their room, couldn’t walk around in a towel or underwear, and any problem, whether faulty plumbing, electricity, a door that was falling off its hinges, took forever to be repaired.

Aware that the Matron had no power, that everything, from a dead rat in the ceiling to a broken toilet, could only be reported to the Matron, who had to report it to the Board, they lost all hope.

As Board took the better part of forever to respond they had lashed out at who they could, the Matron.

They made Ann South, the new Matron, fully aware of her lack of authority within the first weeks of her tenure.

They expected that when they returned from their Xmas break, the Matron would be as active as Selma Rashford Grindley had been when she lay on her death bed.

They would be right.


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Written by jaylar

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