And Comes the Fourth Generation – 128

Ann South was one of those women who mixed up salvation with menopause.Once married, having children, divorced, living her life… until suddenly she appreciated she was past her romance days, so ran into a church.Not the same church as her employers, although they had identical doctrines, as do many such ‘franchise’ churches.

She ran in and became totally immersed, covering  her depression, her loss, her loneliness and lacks with her so called faith.  She prayed often, as she had no one to talk to.   She had ‘prayer meetings’ with her friends, all women as herself; women alone who saw no real future.Her children, grand children, put up with her ‘insanity’ (as they called it privately) for she had no one, except them, and they had lots of others in their lives.They had invited her because they felt sorry for her, and to them it was a contribution to charity.


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Written by jaylar

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