America Unmasked – 31

Years ago, when a report was words on paper and no more, a liar could claim he never said what was reported.  When the Liar held a high enough position, no one would dare confront.  

Today, what is said is not simply recorded, it is filmed.  Filmed and streamed in real time so one not only sees but hears what is said, how it is said, often as it was said.

Donald Trump lied hundreds of times, fully aware that what he had said was recorded.   But considering how stupid his Base,   truth was what he said, when he said, how he said.

The World knows that Donald Trump sent his supporters to attack the Capitol. To kill the Vice President, Mike Pence, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and most importantly, to grab the ballots so that counting couldn’t take place and Joe Biden could not be confirmed as President.

He sent his Base, made up of  racists, mental defectives,   and a sprinkling of people who wish they were white to the Capitol, then sat and watched until it was clear that his ‘Army’ failed.

Then Trump went to Florida to play golf and ignore the Second Impeachment Hearing, for he knew he could not be convicted.   

Trump knows how corrupt the United States is, he has profitted from every aspect.    

While his Base are arrested and go to jail  Trump considers his next scam. 


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Written by jaylar

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