After Adultery – 2

When a woman survives the adultery of her husband, she has often created protocols to deal with his absence.

Where she has children,  she will set a lot of Mommy & Kids occasions.   Every Sunday they go to the pool, every Friday evening they go to a Pizza parlour, etc.

These excursions are done so that the kids don’t think about why Daddy isn’t there.

When Daddy is now there, (no doubt because Slutina has dumped him) the protocols do not change.

Where children aren’t in the equation,  or the woman needs down time, she often sets various activities outside of the home.

During the times he was busy with Slutina, there was no sense racing home to an empty house and being alone until whenever husband drags in.

So she eats here,r goes to a meeting there, or takes in a show over there; creating a social life.

In some cases this constructed social life creates opportunities.

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