After Adultery – 14

Slutina wants a married man because he can exert no pressure on her.  He can only see her at specified times.

She can get things from him, whether he pays her rent or buys her a car.  And she has no obligation.

When dealing with a married man,  and keeping the relationship secret, means that their meetings are carefully set.   To avoid suspicion,  they can’t meet every day, only special days at certain times.

Slutina can have a full life, maybe more than one lover.  

When his wife dumps him, she doesn’t take out the ‘trash’.

The lure of a married man, is that he is married.  Her ego is boosted by knowing that although his wife is a professional, a beauty queen, anyone she rates above herself, she has ‘taken’ the husband.

Without a wife, he’s not a married man, and she doesn’t want a man who isn’t married.


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