After Abuse -82

Not all abuse is physical.   There is the mental abuse which is harder to grasp and analyse.  This is when the Abuser gets ‘inside’ of the Victim’s head.

Survivors of this form of abuse must realise how they were manipulated.  

Many change their lives to ‘please’ their abusers.  

They may leave University, change jobs,  adopt a religion or political leaning, not simply because of fear of a beating, but because they have been so eroded that they scarcely exist.  Because the Abuser controls their minds.

Some of the most abused wives have never suffered more than shouts and insults, and do not classify themselves as abused.   Yet they have been destroyed.

Many Victims perform complicated unpaid tasks at the demand of their abuser. Unless they analyse what and how this happened, remain victims.

The feeling, the gut deep pain of being eroded  is real.   Even though no physical violence was used.


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