After Abuse – 29

Many Victims do not realise that their Abuser ‘controls’ their world view.  That what they like or want or think is not coming from within them but is supplied by the Abuser.

We can think of people who never were (supply term)  until they married.   Then they become rabid supporters of whatever their ‘owner’ selects.

This is not confined to women.  Many men will marry and their wives will give them their opinions, and for a peaceful life they become rabid supporters of….

The ‘give away’ is when you toss something new at them and they don’t know their opinion until their Owner gives it to them.

This kind of Abuse is the first flag, and one should run the moment it is realised.  For this is evidence of the abuse to come. 

A Boss From Hell will give a ‘list’ of what the workers can like, defend, support.   

To appreciate it at this early stage is a vaccination against the abuse to come.


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