Adultery Addendum – 7 (end)

Although I’m sure there are people who ‘fall in love’   with other women’s husbands,  I never met any.

I have seen predators track a husband when they see the wife as somehow special.

I have seen unmarried men ask a friend to ‘play’ his wife at functions so as to attract the ‘Poison Candy’ types.

I have seen Poison Candy all over a ‘husband’ and when she finds out that he isn’t married, dumps him.

This is because there is the ‘upside’ to having an affair with someone’s husband.

Not only does the ego of Poison Candy get a boost, but she has a man she can blackmail, a man who will give her space.  

In many cases  a man may commit adultery to boost his ego, but in most cases the ‘Other Woman’ is using him for economic, social, psychological gains.   

There is no love.


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