A Possible Suicided Case: Investigation Continues

Saturday, August 17, 2019

I checked out an interesting video about Jeffrey Epstein being suicided. I initially decided to watch this video because I am also working on my third novel, which is a crime mystery where the character might have been suicided.

Anyway, back to this Epstein suicided video. It starts with a timeline of Epstein’s final days.

He was arrested on July 6th at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. On July 10th, he was booked as an inmate at Metropolitan Correction Center in Lower Manhattan, and his number is 76318-054. On July 23rd, he attempted suicide. Soon after, he was placed on suicide watch. But eventually taken off suicide watch by late July. His lawyer took him off suicide watch, and placing him on “special observation status,” which requires wardens or guards to check up on him every 30 minutes.

By August 9th, there were many documents revealing other people involved in the Epstein pedophilia case, such as Senator George Mitchell, Governor Bill Richardson, Prince Andrews, his madam/ex-girlfriend, etc; on that same day, his cellmate was removed from being his roommate, and Epstein wasn’t being monitored as requested.

On August 10th, Epstein was found dead by bedsheet hanging. His cellmate claims that this bedsheet hanging is not likely to happen according to the circumstances in the cell. So, according to this video, it doesn’t make sense.

Photos display Epstein being wheeled into the hospital as paramedics try to revive him. The photos were taken at 7:30 am, but the question is how did this William Farrington know to be there at that time with his camera…

The video also notes that someone posted the hanging and cardiac arrest of Epstein at around 8:16am, before it was announced to the public.

No surveillance video about Epstein hanging himself. There wasn’t any recording about what really happened.

There also appears shortage of security and staffing to carefully watch inmates. He concludes there is a possibility of anything happening whether it was a murder or suicide because there was freedom to do anything they wanted to.

After Epstein’s death, the FBI finally went to his island to raid his computer system.

Remember, the CIA, FBI, and Zionist media all work together in the same mafia group.

I would like to added that it could be a murder by Clintons or Soros before more connection about them comes out in the case. Whoever killed Epstein didn’t want his side of the story to come out in court. He probably would have exposed other people involved that don’t want to be exposed.


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