4.14.20 Lockdown Insights

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Yeah, I think they are doing all this until the public gives up and begs for the vaccine and microchip. They want to people to ask for it. That is why they are doing this One World Lockdown to bore people with nothing better to do, and as soon as people accept the vaccine and microchip, everything will likely open up again.

88 degrees in LA. I think Irvine was 80 degrees. It is important to go outside in the sun to get energy, as well as eating healthy and exercising.

Coronavirus is similar to HIV?

Bill Gates promoting transhumanism.

Marina Abramovich performs spiritual cooking to conjure up soulless entities into an object during their satanic rituals.

John Podesta and his 14 fried fish…

Yeah, I thought Liam Neeson’s wife was obvious sacrifice. She was an activist, about to expose many issues as well as she wanted to help Palestinians. So, she was silenced. Hugh Hefner a CIA operative? It is obvious that Carrie Fisher and mother was a double sacrifice.  They died around the same time, which was weird.

Pile 1: spiritual decision coming in via phone call from somewhere else far away. Fears, phobias, and not sure what to do. You have power to do it. Trust. Ask God to help you make this decision. You will change and come out as a different person, and move forward. You haven’t gotten the recognition you wanted. You have to go blindly with faith, and trust it will happen. Spiritual journey is a long journey. You need patience…40 days and 40 nights.

Pile 2: opportunity and chance for you, but you aren’t sure you can get out of your current situation. I want this, but you are not sure you can do this, maybe because of a blockage. Center yourself, focusing on health, and gain strength to go for it. You are allowing yourself to be a form of entertainment by others. Change within next 2 weeks. You must assert your boundaries to achieve this change. Earn enough money to do what you want to do.

Pile 3: relationship-focused because waiting for someone. There is a disconnect between you and the other person. You seem to fight with this person. You need to prove who you are for your self-worth. You don’t trust this connection. Trust yourself, feel it and trust it. They will call you and want to get together. But you don’t trust that person. Don’t attack that person. Trust your instinct. Heal yourself. Let go of arguing. You will communicate together.


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