365 Day Photo Challenge Day 279 Look up in the sky, oh yeah it is the roof of the boat…

Last couple of pictures from the day on the boat. My wandered across White’s Ferry (in operation for more than 200 years). I had never ridden in my car across a ferry. I’ve been in Ferry’s before but always got out of my car and then they would drive you off, and you got back in your car. It was interesting to ride in my car across the water. No matter where you are in the DC area, crossing the Potomac, is the issue. From the many bridges actually in DC to the two on the Maryland side, getting across that river can add an hour each way to your commute. The Ferry added about ½ an hour and was fun to do (once The additional 8 miles to the bridge isn’t bad so that I won’t take the ferry often.

The Ferry pulls itself across the river via a huge underwater chain. I enjoyed watching the mechanism for my car! It wasn’t like an engine where you would have been pushed and pulled by the river current!

Hey, not into posting? Have a lot of pictures? Time to hop on the 365-day challenge bus! One picture a day!


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