365 Day Photo Challenge, day 264 don't hand camera to wife.

Note to self – keep the camera away from the wife. After our delightful run to Kent Island, we returned to the marina and had to seal up the boat. Mostly that involves the two of us wrestling with the boat cover. We have two different covers, one that is more of a camper/room addition on the boat. It creates a “second” cabin on the boat. The other covers the main non-cabin area of the boat (or the helm to use the proper nautical term). This is me at the back of the helm area getting ready to close the boat by putting the second top on. We store the camper top below during the summer. While it is nice in the spring and fall to have the camper, in the summer, it is way too hot. Having the camper top on the boat adds 10-20 degrees in the main help area. So it is 90, it becomes 110 on the boat. Plus we prefer boating in the open. It does mean if it rains we get wet, well a little. The helm area is covered by the hard top of the boat. When you are moving, however, the rain gets to move with you. Ergo,it moves sideways into the helm area, and we get a little wet.


You as well an post challenge pictures! Just point, snap and share!!! Or PSS! The water is warm, just jump in!!!


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