What are the best Indian wedding gifts?

Indian weddings are famed for their ceremonies and lavish setups. The exchange of wedding gifts is part and parcel of the event. Offering gifts is always welcome, but choosing the best wedding gifts may seem like a challenge for a few. Hence, researching for new gift ideas may be a wise thing to do.

Best Indian wedding gift ideas

Mentioned below are a few of the best Indian wedding gift ideas. These ideas will make the gift choosing process easy for you and will help you choose the perfect gift for the wedding couple.

1. Customized pillows and coasters

Pillows and coasters are always an item of need. Every newly wedded couple will need new pillows and would wish to change their coasters periodically. So, gifting the couple something they may have is not a concern in this case.

You may personalize the cushions and coasters by printing the name of the bride and groom or by adding their photos to them. You may also ask the wedding couple’s friends as to what the couple calls each other. You may then print the nicknames on the cushions and coasters. Choose colors that are easy on the eyes. Pastels and lighter shades will go with any décor.

2. Personalized photo album

Let’s continue with the customized theme. A photo album is another one of those gift items that are an excellent choice for gifting to a wedding couple. You can choose a photo album that has the photo of the bride on the front cover and a picture of the groom on the back cover. You may also select two beautiful couple shots to be placed on the front and back covers.

You can have their names embossed in the center of the album, as well. Choose a photo album which has space for mentioning the date under every picture. It will remind a couple of the time at which they took the snaps.

3. Cosmetic set

If you want to gift especially to the bride, then a cosmetic set will always be appreciated. You may gift a collection of lipsticks and nail polishes, or you may choose to gift a complete cosmetic set, which includes sunscreens, hair care products, foundation, soaps, and moisturizers. You may also select a few items, such as perfume, aftershave, or a shaving kit for the groom.

It serves to choose the kind of items that the bride and groom will use.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry is among the best thing to gift the bride if you happen to be a close relative of the bride. Every woman loves her jewelry, so gifting a chic platinum ring or necklace, or a pair of pearl earrings is going to bring a wide smile to the bride’s face. It will help to know if the bride prefers trendy or traditional style jewelry.

Other alternatives for the perfect wedding gift would be a couple’s spa session or an aromatherapy basket. Such gifts would be cherished by the bride and groom and would please them so much that you will quickly become their favorite friend of a friend.


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