It has been a Valentine’s day tradition for men to gift  their sweet hearts with balloons, flowers, and chocolates. So every single year, women have this expectation that they’ll get something on Valentine’s Day including a card that says, ‘will you be my valentine?’

But did you know that there are countries where it is the woman who gives and the man who receives on Valentine’s Day? I am certain that in South Korea, the women give chocolates to men. I heard that this is the same case in Japan. However, the following month after, March 14th, they have what they call ‘the white day.’ It is on that day where men have to give presents to their beloved girlfriends. The following month, April 15th, is what they call ‘the black day!’ It’s for all single men and women who didn’t get anything on Valentine’s and White Day. So they usually end up eating black noodle on that particular day.

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