The victorious march of the Serbian army through London!

On November 11th, the day of the victory in the Great War in Paris was celebrated. We were all witnesses that the Serbian President, and therefore Serbia, were not given the honor they deserve as the country of the winner.  Serbia, as a country that lost a third of its population, should have a slow place at the ceremony. The president was supposed to sit in the first row, among the winners. But his place was somewhere else, far from them, which was an insult to the entire Serbian people, and especially to the victims of war.

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How it was a hundred years ago? The spectacular London parade, which the world had not seen before, Great World war winners celebrated their triumph. Among the 15,000 troops that marched London on 19 July 1919, there were also Serb soldiers. A solemn walk gave honor to the fallen victims, and bowed to king George Fifth and Queen Mary. On the Great Parade, held in London’s Hyde Park on that day, brave Serb soldiers walked, as they fought, to the shoulder with the greatest ones.


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        • The Fernandin Archbishop killed Bosnian, Gavrilo Princip, without any involvement of Serbia. Bosnia was then part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. He came to Sarajevo, although he knew that an assassination was possible. The first attempt at the assassination failed. In addition, he extended his car ride through the city. then he came to Gavrilo Princip, who killed him. The Austro-Hungarian Empire used this to announce the war to Serbia, which planned it 13 months earlier. Serbia paid the highest price in this war. Do not forget that in 1910. it led a war with the Turks, and in 1912. and 1913. a war with the Bulgarians, who wanted a part of our territory. From all this, Serbia came out as a winner. My victims hurt me. Frankly, I’m not sorry about Ferdinand. He was an occupier. All the occupiers of Serbia have experienced his fate. Today, Serbia is again occupied. Our Kosovo was taken away. And they will pass the same as Fernand. We have patience. We will wait as much as we need, but we will return our Kosovo back.