July 4th 2021

Sunday, 7.4.21

I woke up in the morning to go to yoga meetup at the park. 5 people showed up. It was a sunny and warm summer morning at the park. The park was busy with activities. I think the Woodbridge parks will likely have fireworks later. I feel sorry for the wildlife at the park tonight. I am not sure if I should go because the parking might be too crowded as well as there will likely be too much traffic, if there will be any fireworks this year. I don’t have plans yet anyway. 

Should we even be celebrating Independence Day? After 2020, Independence Day feels ironic, although many people appreciate life now and they are trying to get back to the “so-called normal life.”  What could we change July 4th to…maybe Hypocrisy Day? 

I entered IMVU and noticed I received a 3-tiered Rooftop Pool Party at night, with a pool, bar, and many comfy seats. It has a nice view, overlooking the downtown city lights, high-rise buildings, and a huge full moon. 

My avatar models in this rooftop pool party, wearing two outfits–a casual one and a bathing suit.

…the bar scene…

…cozy couch for socializing…

I guess let’s celebrate our freedom why we still have it because who knows what’s coming next….


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