Jesus Calling The Story of Christmas (book review)

Jesus Calling The Story of Christmas written by Sarah Young and illustrated by Katya Longhi in 2018 by Thomas Nelson part of Harper Collins Christian Publishing, Inc.  The ISBN number is: 978-1-4002-1029-9 and is 32 pages long.  This is a children’s picture book that is a new way to read and study the Christmas story that Sarah Young wrote and Katya Longhi drew.  This is a story picture book that describes the Christmas story with all the regular and usual characters, but more kid-friendly with Katya’s pictures.  ‘

Everyone loves the Christmas storyand the pictures tell the story for the youngest reader as well as for the adult reader for this is a book that has specific notes called ‘Jesus Calling’ explaining the preceding text along with related Bible verses for explanations and relationships.  This is a book that reads somewhat like the ‘Holy Bible’ itself for it starts out briefly with ‘The Creation story’ to the ‘Christmas story’. ‘Jesus Calling The Story of Christmas’ is well-developed in words and pictures especially in writing and sharing the letter to parents and even grandparents after the dedication page.

This picture book would be perfect for a nursery, preschool or even a kindergarten classroom especially in a Christian or Catholic school during the Advent/Christmas season.  This is a perfect book to start teaching young children the true meaning of Christmas along with the stories of Santa Claus/St. Nicholas.  All of the pictures were colorful and well-detailed for the expressions on the characters faces from the Baby Jesus to all the animals and even the adult characters that were in various locations as well as the manger will feel that he is the Lamb of God and this picture book is a five star read for kids and adults.


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