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How to Organize Everything for a Pet-Friendly Wedding

Being a pet parent can be a delightful job. Not only do you get to pamper and spoil your most favorite animal, but you can also have the time of your life by being around someone that makes you happy.

Being a pet parent, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t start a family of your own. You might date someone, meet them occasionally, and have plans to marry them, without compromising on the care you give to your pet.

However, if there is one thing that pet parents hate, it is the thought of not having their pet with them during their special day. Pets are usually considered to be a bad omen for marriages, and have for ages been left out of marriage ceremonies because of numerous reasons. However, off late, pet parents have started going towards inclusivity of sorts and are bringing their favorite pets to their weddings.

We are seeing an increasing number of pets in wedding ceremonies, which means that you too can bring your favorite pet along with you to your nuptial. However, if you’re allowing pets to your marriage ceremony, you have to make plans in accordance with the requirements of the hour.

Here we mention some ideas on how you can incorporate pets along with you into your wedding ceremony, and how you should organize the settings to make room for your furry friends.

Teach Your Pets

The first step in organizing a dog friendly wedding is to teach your pets how to behave. Most dog-friendly weddings mention the exception in the invitation card. While mentioning that pets are allowed, you should also mention that the pet should be well-behaved. You don’t want an unruly pet taking the glitz out of your special day by creating havoc at the event.

While you make it clear to people that pets are allowed in the event, make sure that you also clarify that the pet should be well-trained and well-behaved. Otherwise, the pet could end up ruining your ceremony.

Pet-Free Areas

As inclusive as you want your wedding to be, you also have to cater to people who are really specific about their hygiene and wouldn’t be able to eat or sit comfortably in the presence of pets around them. To safeguard the interest and comfort of everyone in the wedding, you should have a pet-free zone as well. Have a separate area at the wedding location that should be free of any kind of pets, including dogs and cats.

The pet-free zone would be a great way for the elderly and others who are very particular of hygiene to catch a breath and be comfortable in the wedding. The presence of such a zone will also work wonders for pet owners, as they can leave their pets outside and socialize with some of the other people that aren’t really fond of pets and animals.

Have Puppy Props

We cannot talk enough about how cute puppy props look in wedding photography. If you have a puppy or any other pet with you, you can use them to good effect to take amazing photos during your wedding.

You can take multiple pictures with your puppy, and have exciting props to make these pictures even memorable and amazing. For beginners you can get a ‘Save the Date’ chart that has the date of your wedding on it, to hang on your pet’s neck. You can then get them to be a part of the photo, and leave the rest for the camera man to achieve.

You can also make your pets look cute and attractive by making them wear amazing clothes and braids. Make your pets look even more distinctive than they usually do by glamming them up with the addition of amazing props.

Meet and Greet

Pets tend to be awesome in meeting and greeting people. If your pet is fairly old and remembers all of your friends and family, then they would welcome everyone with the same excitement and zest. However, since your wedding will have guests that wouldn’t be as receptive towards pets as you are, you should ensure that no one is terrorized by your pet. Make sure that your pet remains well behaved, and doesn’t roam around scaring people. The last thing you want your guests to remember your wedding day as, is the day with the irritable pet. Your dog can be diamond ring bearer.

Flowers Pets

Your pet can make a wonderful flower girl or boy, based on their gender. Now is the best time to start training your pet for the routine, as they would take some time in understanding the gravity of the situation, and how they need to behave. Additionally, since cats only do what pleases them, they would barely step up for the role, which is why you might benefit from having a dog as your pet and flower boy, since they can move the way you want.

You can even train them to expect good sneaky treats from your side, once the training is done with. Make sure that they’re okay with the commotion surrounding them on the big day, and don’t go bonkers in the presence of so many people, something which they can easily do.

Dressed to Impress

You can dress your pet based on the theme you have at the event, and see them win over all hearts, with an amazing presence. It is cute to have your pet walk with you on your wedding day, and to have them share the same outfit as you are wearing. Cats are a bit bossy with what they wear, which is why you can benefit from a dog here, as they wouldn’t mind cuddling inside a black suit to match up with your expectations.

If you plan to have floral arrangements, make sure that they aren’t toxic for your pet and that they’re able to breathe easily here.

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