Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 22

Jade couldn’t keep her lies together, couldn’t even ‘dress the part.’   I found her and her behaviour a mixture of hilarious and evil.   I was shocked she had actually fooled our landlady.  

Her deception lasted only about two months as Jade couldn’t pay the rent.  

I would hear the arguments through my door,   but stayed out of it.   I knew Jade was a scammer.   From the first day, the first encounter, I realised this.  

I heard about con men and women, but had never met one or seen how they run their game.

Jade was a cold, horrible person who always looked to rip of, exploit, trick, even when it had no purpose.

Lying to me, trying to befriend and impress me was pointless.   Yet, when she had nothing else to do, she made her attempts.

She had scammed the landlady into ‘renting’ her a room, letting her pack the house with her junk.  It was obvious  Jade would run her scam as long as she could.

Victory for Jade was to live here as long as possible without paying rent.


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Written by jaylar

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