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Away In a Manger

A very lovely Christmas carol is “Away In a Manger” which is American in origin and attributed to Martin Luther. The song first appeared in the March 2, 1882 edition of The Christian Cynosure and titled “Luther’s Cradle Song.” It was written that this carol was composed by Luther for his children.

Luther dod composes many Christmas hymns, however, one of his songs “Fron Heaven I Come To You” published in 1535 as a song for children on the Nativity of Christ  does not resemble “Away In a Manger.” Once again this is a Christmas carol that has a variety of tunes in America. The best-known one is by songwriter and organist James R. Murray.  In England, it is sung accompanied by “Cradle Song” which was composed by Philadelphia carpenter who became a church music director William J. Kirkpatrick.


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